• CUSHION INSERT - French mattress cushions can be filled with loose fill (we use high loft polyester) or foam. Loose fill gives a more relaxed, traditional look while foam gives a more structured look. Foam is also more supportive than loose fill and may be more practical in high use areas.
  • TUFTING TWINE - We use heavy duty nylon or waxed polyester and coordinate the colour of our twine or cord to the fabric of the mattress. This twine should never break or release as can happen over time with mass produced items.
  • MATTRESS CONSTRUCTION - when we use foam as an insert, we cover it completely with one layer of Dacron to soften the look and then apply another layer to the top of the mattress to give more 'lift'. We also drill each tufting hole to give visual depth to the piece. The mattress is hand tufted and completed with a beautiful uniform French mattress edge.
  • SIZING -  The French mattress does have an irregular edge which makes sizing slightly different than a straight sided cushion.  We try to fit our cushions to sit nicely into the space without hanging over the edge and without being too short or too long! Each mattress requires special consideration when sizing as fabric choice (medium or heavy weight), foam thickness and length all impact size.  
  • FABRIC - Durability and use should be considered when choosing a fabric. Kids and pets may dictate that you use a high performance or indoor / outdoor fabric. Your french mattress cushion should last for years to come.