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Frequently asked questions

  1. Are the cushions covers removable?
    No..these covers are not removable as they are tufted and the fabric edge incorporates the stuffing.
  2. How can the cushion be cleaned?
    These cushions are spot clean only so it is important to choose the appropriate fabric for the application.
  3. What is the thinnest mattress cushion that can be made in this style?
    I don't recommend any depth less than 3.5 inches as the cushion would not be comfortable and would not be enhanced by the nice mattress edge as it would be too thin. I generally recommend at least 4 inches.
  4. What is the thickest depth of cushion that you will make?
    Generally we don't do more than 9 inches. As comfort goes..this is extremely comfortable for sleeping so more is not better. Anything 6 inches and up can easily be used as a sleeping mattress.
  5. Is there a maximum length you would consider for custom orders?
    Yes...We cannot do more than about 100 inches as these cushions are difficult to handle during the tufting process (heavy and awkward) and our work space will not accommodate the extra length.
  6. Do you make french mattress cushions for outdoor patios or porch areas?
    Yes...we have a wide selection of indoor/outdoor fabrics specifically for this use!
  7. How do your ship your mattress cushions?
    Our longer cushions are rolled to ship. We always ship tracked and insured using the safest, most economical method. Each client is sent the tracking number at time of shipping.
  8. What is your turn around time?
    Our turn around time varies. For very small cushions you should allow 1 to 2 weeks. For larger cushions allow 3 to 6 weeks (we can give an idea of timeframe prior to purchase).