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French mattress cushions

French mattress cushions bring back a feeling of bygone years. They are a fantastic way to bring charm, character and comfort!
The tufted edge is sewn into the stuffing by hand  while keeping an even stitch length along the side of the mattress.  This is what give it that nice scalloped appearance. The top and botton of the mattress are tufted.  We use very strong nylon upholstery cording to coordinate with the fabric. On occcasion we may use waxed polyester thread if the appropriate coloured twine is not available.
Each mattress is made with a good quality medium to medium/heavy weight fabric for durabilty.  We often suggest using a medium/heavy weight upholstery fabric or indoor/outdoor (such as Sunbrella) for those cushions placed in areas of heavier use (kitchen's, playrooms, outdoor benches etc.) Check out our fabrics using our Fabrics link. If you are interested in receiving a quotation, fill in the contact form using the Contact link above. (Our usual response time is about 24 hours.)
These french mattress cushions were created for a custom barge on the east coast.  They were made with a sturdy blue and off white woven cotton ticking with a depth of 6 inches.  The fill was high loft polyester allowing for a full, plump cushion. Super inviting and very versatile as great for occasional seating and dining.

This picture illustrates the versatility of these cushions!
(Note the traditiona tufting pattern).

The french mattress picutured above was made with a sturdy textured burnout velvet with a herringbone pattern in a peacock blue colour.  Fabric content - rayon / polyester.
The french mattress above was made with a beautiful medium weight cotton striped ticking. The depth of this cushion was about 6 inches.

(Note the linear tufting pattern).
The farmhouse chair cushion above was made with a 10 ounce cotton canvas.  This custom made chair cushion would enhance any chair from vintage to modern.  Super comfy and inviting!
The above cushion illustrates a chair pad made with red and white striped ticking.  For those that don't want the depth of a french mattress cushion this can work very well and look great.  It is well stuffed and super comfy!  These can be made in any size to fit chairs and benches.  
French mattress floor cushions are a great way to bring extra seating and charm to any space. The once picutured is in 12 ounce white cotton twill!  
The above french mattress cushion is adorned by our little guy Doug.  He loves his dog bed and can often be found snuggled up during the day!